Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year

Résumé 2020 – More Digital by the Day

This year was a little bit different, wouldn’t you agree? It was a challenge for all of us that required a great deal of strength, discipline, creativity, and most of all the preparedness to break new ground. In addition to the restrictions we all had to master in our private environment, a lot has changed in the way we all work as well.


Many changes that were already pending were merely accelerated by the new circumstances and others only became visible due to the new normal we were all faced with. Most of the adjustments and new processes that have altered the way we work are here to stay. The work world has changed permanently and, if there’s one thing we’ve all learnt, will continue to do so in the future.

People at the Center

What became particularly evident in the months of shutdown, working from home, and video conferencing: digitalization with all its possibilities is no longer just knocking on the door, it is already in the middle of the room. But digitalization itself is nothing without the people behind it. We see this most of all in our customers, who achieve great things every day with our software solutions. We would like to express our gratitude for the trust that is placed in us and our products.

Steady Growth at CAQ AG

We are pleased to report that despite the current crisis, we were able to achieve steady growth again this year, strengthened our team with many new employees, and our work was recognized, among other things, by being awarded first place in the Digital Champions Award in the Digital Products & Services category for the DCA Midwest region.

Due to the increasing demand for our products and the associated ongoing strengthening of the team, it has been clear for several years that we want to build a new headquarters. For us, the move into our new building in mid-2020 was an important milestone. We are pleased to now have a company headquarters that lives up to our high standards as one of the global market leaders for management software.

CAQ AG Rheinböllen

We wish you all a well-deserved rest for the upcoming holidays to recharge your batteries so that you can start the year 2021 full of optimism and zest for action. Because together we will manage to keep the world of quality running even - or especially - in these unusual times. Oh, by the way, speaking of 2021, one of the changes that all of this brought about is that that we will next year be offering English language webinars for everyone interested in our products.

We wish you, your family, friends, and colleagues all the best, a reflective time and more than ever – take care and stay healthy!

Your Team at CAQ AG

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