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Flexibility, Stability & Effectivity
The Advantages of CAQ.Net

Why Choose CAQ.Net?

The Quintessence of a Modern QM-System

With CAQ.Net® you have an innovative and user-friendly management system at your disposal, which supports you in your daily work in an unparalleled manner and exposes significant possibilities for quality improvement. The modular software solutions allow for the highest degree of transparency in management and, due to their uniform data structure, always provide clear facts and figures. Thanks to the high degree of automation, they are also resource-saving and future-proof: redundancies, isolated applications, and manual data management are replaced by effective process management, proactive error prevention, optimal interfaces, and central quality control. Take a seat in the control center of your quality related data and experience the quintessence of a modern management system with CAQ.Net®.

Modular & Scalable

All CAQ.Net® software modules are designed to work as independent solutions or in direct combination with one another. They are developed with the end-user in mind and devised to work on virtually all known operating systems. Everyone who knows how to use a computer can use the download CAQ.Net® software. These aspects are the focal point right from the initial development of the individual modules. Hence, factors such as menu structure, ergonomics, and usability always have been and will be the fundamental cornerstones of our software.

Regardless of whether you require one simple CAQ module which you wish to configure yourself, or wish to professionally incorporate an entire quality management software solution in your existing ERP system environment – regardless of whether big or small – CAQ AG Factory Systems is always your expert contact in all matters relevant to quality assurance and management systems.

Multi-Language Support

CAQ.Net® is software that allows you to switch between English and any other language at the click of a button – allowing you in your home country and your production plant abroad to conveniently exchange quality related information. You will both be using the same software – only the language changes.

The multi-language support of CAQ.Net® covers every right-bound Unicode language. This support applies to all master, application, and dynamic data contained in the software. It also allows you to freely define the terminology of a separate, user-specific language to best suit your individual requirements. Rest assured, wherever on the globe you are doing business – CAQ.Net® speaks your language.

Compatible and Open

CAQ.Net® is a management system that fluently communicates with other IT-systems and facilitates the mutual transfer of data between systems. The comprehensive connectivity functions ensure that you can connect CAQ.Net® to virtually any type of system. Thanks to our open interface concept, any kind of data can be queried and changed via app. In addition to various file-based, ODBC, and specialized interfaces such as LDAP or SAP-RFCs, CAQ.Net® offers an interface that complies with the OpenAPI (Swagger) specification. This interface can be directly accessed by a variety of third-party applications. CAQ.Net® offers a continuously growing catalogue of update-safe API standard functions, which is expanded with each release.


In order to ensure that you can always use the most sophisticated, reliable, and cutting-edge functions, standards, innovations, and interfaces that the market has to offer in your day-to-day work, we immediately evaluate future innovations and trends from within a variety of areas and – if deemed useful – begin inserting them into our existing CAQ.Net® software family.

The excellent cooperation with our customers furthermore enable us to learn a lot about how our software is used in the field and precisely develop and ef­fec­tively introduce optimizations and innovations into our software family. A continuous target/actual comparison between CAQ.Net® and the requirements of manufacturers and suppliers from within a variety of industries means that our customers are always in command of a cutting-edge software solution that facilitates professional, efficient, and standard-compliant quality management.

Freely Definable Data Fields

Thanks to freely definable attributes, CAQ.Net® becomes the quintessence of a modern management system. In the shape of attributes, any type of information can be created as free field in the system and be findable at any time. These release-/update-safe attributes can be printed or evaluated in every document.

Documentation & Screencasts

Our software products always focus on the user. This also applies to the corresponding technical documentation. Apart from our comprehensive handbooks which provide information on every detail of our software, we also provide our customers with access to regularly updated screencasts. These give you and your employees the opportunity to learn the individual functions of our software by means of short instruction films.

Core System – All Inclusive


With its various CAQ.Net® web applications, CAQ AG provides sophisticated quality management solutions for the company-wide exchange of QM-relevant data. The MyCAQ.Net WebPortal for external processing and visualization of complaints, audits, certificates or dashboards, and WebCAQ.Net are highly refined tools for practicing browser-based and cross-platform quality management wherever you are. CAQ.Net® means you always have access to precisely the information you want, when you want it, where you want it, and how you want it.

Software Customizing

The customizing options in CAQ.Net® are designed to be as flexible and extensive as possible. You can, for example, hide fields, change field descriptions, prefill fields, colour fields, or determine whether a field is to be treated as a required field or should be displayed as read-only. You can also place freely defined buttons on masks, which execute freely definable actions or evaluations in the software after being pushed (e.g.: control SAP RFCs, trigger import/export jobs, or perform enquiries in the knowledge base). All settings can also be specified per user group or for individual users. After installing a new version, the settings remain available and fully functional without requiring any further adjustments.

Customize Print Documents and E-Mails

You can customize all print documents and e-mails in CAQ.Net® according to your needs via the integrated e-mail & report editor. This also includes the standard-compliant documents and e-mail templates. You can design the visual output format and content of documents exactly as you require it for your daily work or your respective customer.

Task and Escalation Management

By means of the flexibly scalable task and escalation management you can ensure that the success of the company always remains in focus. It enables you to manage tasks comprehensively and continuously monitor the information status and the processing status of all defined measures. Through simple configurations, you determine who is to be informed about which tasks and how often and freely define how many escalation levels you require.

Cross-Modular Evaluations

You can create module-internal or cross-modular evaluations across all your CAQ data. You can, for example, compile defect costs from all areas of your company, regardless of the location or application where they were incurred.

The Quality Control Center

Each module has access to CAQ.Net®‘s own Quality Control Center. It displays all occurrences and correlations between your data in a single user interface, allowing you to directly access information and modules. You can, for example, specifically select processes, persons, customers, suppliers, articles, or machines and receive real-time feedback on existing data for each entity.

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