Generic Floating License (GFL)

Your Software – Your License Model

The Generic Floating License (GFL) model combines simplicity and transparency with maximum flexibility. Generic means that you have a cross-module license pool with which you can access any purchased module. You can adapt this access at any time - because like our software, our license model is fully configurable.

The GFL License Model

  • Cross-modular license pool
  • Floating licenses across all users and modules
  • Possibility of license reservation for tenants, user groups, workstations, or users
  • Freely definable reservation hierarchy
  • Reservation rules for licenses can be adjusted at any time

The Best of Both Worlds

Our GFL licensing model combines the best of the Concurrent License and Named-User licensing models: the advantages of Concurrent License in terms of the flexible pool of floating licenses across all users and modules and the advantages of Named-User in terms of the possibility of license reservation for individuals or workstations.

Reserved Means Reserved

Your location, your department, your computer - licenses can be assigned exclusively to a client, a user group, a user, or a workstation. You determine the hierarchy. GFL means that your access to the software is always there when you need it. Simply reserve specific licenses from your license pool for specific applications and determine the order in the reservation hierarchy.

The reasons for the possibility of license reservation are simple, because there are always certain workstations, teams, or individuals who absolutely require access to the software at any time.

Situations where a certain team occupies all licenses and there are none available for other tasks must not happen. Maybe a specific shop-floor inspection station, the managing director and quality manager, or the complaints team should always have a license available - no matter what else is happening in the company. All other licenses are cross-modular and freely available to all users.

Generic Floating License Modell (GFL)

Absolute Flexibility

You can view the current license usage and also adjust the reservation rules of the licenses yourself at any time. The auditor is on site and all employees of a department need simultaneous access to document management and audit management?

The new production facility receives that large order and needs more licenses for inspection order processing at short notice? The annual planning for training courses is pending and many employees need access to training management at the same time? No matter what the situation, with GFL you have the flexibility to react to any scenario and allocate your license quota at will.

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