User Workshops

Qualify.Net – Training Management (en)

In this workshop you will learn how to plan, organize, document, track, visualize, and evaluate employee trainings with the Qualify.Net Training Management Software. You will also learn how to apply this module via the web in order to organize e-learnings and coordinate training participations.

Workshop Content

The following topics will be addressed in this workshop:

  • General use of the Qualify.Net software
  • Creating and managing organizational structures
  • Planning, monitoring, documenting, and evaluating training needs and assessing qualification requirements for individual units of organization, departments, and employees
  • Monitoring the validity and expiry of qualifications
  • Rights management and access control
  • Organization, creation, and administration of e-learnings
  • Multi-language capability within Qualify.Net

Target Group

All users of the respective CAQ.Net® quality assurance modules.


Only for CAQ AG Factory Systems software customers/users.

Proof of Qualification

After participation you will receive a certificate that contains a detailed list of the contents conveyed in this workshop.
Notice / Registration

This workshop is organized and performed by our partner company GFQ Akademie GmbH

When registering online, CAQ AG customers with existing TSP (Top Service Pack) will generally receive a credit of up to 25% of their annual TSP sum to offset fees for participation in this user workshop.

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