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Software User Workshop

SRM.Net – Supplier Management

GFQ Akademie GmbH - Partner in der Aus- und WeiterbildungThis workshop teaches you how to use our software in order to create expressive supplier rankings by utilizing cross-modular information from within the entire CAQ-system. Learn how to freely define hard/soft facts and key indicator values with the most up-to-date data and use the history functions in order to retrace the performance levels of your suppliers.

Event Dates

Duration: 1 Day
Language: GermanGerman
Time: 9 am - 4:30 pm
Standard Price: 460.00 € + VAT/GST
GCC Price *: 414.00 € + VAT/GST
TSP Customer **: POA
Date Location
Mon. 16/09/2019 SRM.Net – Supplier Management Rheinböllen

The following is included:

Group lunch
Coffee and cold drinks during breaks
Workshop completion certificate

This workshop is organized and performed by our partner company GFQ Akademie GmbH

Um sich an dieser Veranstaltung anzumelden, müssen Sie sich einloggen.

Workshop Content

The workshop conveys key knowledge that is required for creating clearly structured supplier-rankings via our supplier management module SRM.Net. The workshop furthermore addresses the system-wide methods of evaluation and the effective application of the sophisticated supplier management functions.

The following topics are covered in the workshop:

  • Implementation and usage of the software SRM.Net
  • Free definition of hard/soft facts
  • Creation of flexible indicator values such as PPM, number of complaints, reliability regarding shipped quantities / due dates etc.
  • Application of cross-modular information from within the entire CAQ-system
  • Inclusion of data from ERP or CRM systems
  • Creation and application of freely definable evaluation methods
  • Connection to the online-portal MyCAQ.Net

Workshop Goal

Upon completion of the workshop, the participants will be able to – amongst other aspects – design, manage, and analyse supplier evaluations in order to create expressive supplier rankings and trace the performance levels of suppliers.


Only for CAQ AG Factory Systems software customers/users.

Target Group

Members of management, supervisors, and specialized technicians in:

  • Purchasing/sales department
  • Quality management
  • Incoming goods management
  • Job preparation
  • Production

GFQ Corporate Card (GCC) holders receive a discount. Discount only applies if the GCC card is valid at the time of workshop and if valid GCC-ID number is used during online registration (


When registering online, CAQ AG Factory Systems customers with an existing TSP (Top Service Pack) will get a credit of up to 25% of the annual TSP fee to offset fees for participation in user workshops.

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