Plan, perform, manage, and coordinate your audits.

Audit Management Software

Audit management, audit planning, and audit execution in one tool including audit evaluation, online / offline acquisition, and analysis. Its highly flexible structure makes QAM.Net the ideal software for conducting efficient and effective audit management. Based on freely definable questionnaires, the software allows you to model any process, product specification, or system detail of your company or area of responsibility.

Advantages of the Audit Management Software

Audit Management Software QAM.Net
Annual audit planning facilitates a clear and structured management of resources
  • Creation of detailed, process-related requirements planning
  • Assistant-based planning of audits
  • Audit matrix for target / actual comparison
  • Random questions, random auditors
  • Layered Process Audits (LPA)
  • Use predefined questionnaires based on current industry standards or individually design your own type of questionnaire
  • Mobile offline audit processing via smartphone or tablet
  • Use process, product, or method-oriented constructions in order to perform system, process, or product audits
  • Supplier audits and supplier self-disclosures via web-portal
  • Recognized tool in auditing and certification
  • Internal / external auditing, certification, and checklists
  • Freely definable evaluation schemes and point-systems as well as fully integrated graphic evaluation and reporting tools including export function
  • Fully automatized and follow-up and repeat audits based on real-time values and freely scalable escalation management
  • Direct access to applicable, implemented, and controlled QBD.Net documents

Functions of the Audit Management Software

By questioning, observing and listening, the auditor checks how the company is developing and whether guidelines are being adhered to. Whether ISO 9001, ISO 13485, IATF 16949, IFS, EMAS, occupational safety, or environmental management: audits are indispensable for maintaining standards. However, they are more than just a necessary evil, because if they are professionally managed and analyzed, they offer a multitude of possibilities for process optimization in the company.

Thanks to the close collaboration with auditors, certifiers, standardization committees, and our highly experienced users throughout the development of the Audit Management Software QAM.Net, we were able to create a solution that is amongst the industry’s reference tools for auditing, certifying, and company consultation. Our aim during the development of the software was to achieve the highest degrees of flexibility and performance as well as integrate a variety of industry-specific standards. Hence, questionnaires for standards and regulations deriving from ISO, VDA, EMAS, OHSAS, IATF or SCC are fully integrated and thus facilitate standard-compliant working. In short, the audit management system QAM.Net allows you to use a system that was crafted with industry-specific quality requirements in mind and consistently facilitates standard-compliant audit planning and execution.

Audit planning and questionnaires in the audit management software QAM.Net
From simple yes/no decisions to complex question evaluations

When planning your audits, you can either create your questionnaires individually for the respective purpose or you can use a variety of ready-made question catalogues. These are strictly based on the applicable standards and can be easily imported into the system and used immediately. With regard to the future processing or answering of the audit questions, you can use your own schemes to which you assign the questions from the catalogue, or you can determine an allocation or answering of the questions at random. You can also determine an interval for the audit, which determines how often what or who (process, vendor, cost center, employee, etc.) is to be audited by whom (random auditor) using which catalogue or scheme.

With the audit matrix you can visualize the planning and execution status of your audits and know at all times whether your plan is suitable and everything is going according to plan. This allows you to see at a glance which audits are open or need to be planned. In other words: which schemes for which entities must be queried by an audit. Based on the identified requirements, the software then supports you via an assistant throughout the creation of a tailor-made audit plan. The presentation of the audit plan as a list in the timeline or on a freely definable document completes the functions for requirements and audit planning.

Audit acquisition in the audit management software QAM.Net
Process audit questions in any sequence via the list view

Comfortably navigate your way through your audits just the way you like it and always choose the mode of display that best suits your individual requirements. Regardless of whether you wish to work your way through a list of questions, freely navigate audit lists, or use Turtle Diagrams: QAM.Net allows you to choose precisely the mode of audit acquisition that you require. The clear definition of input and output, materials / resources, or methods / rules of process execution, and process efficiency via this type of diagram provides you with all new methods of audit composition and execution and a completely different point of view on audit-related matters.

When using the audit management module QAM.Net as LPA Software, you can effortlessly establish a Layered Process Audit (LPA) system in your company. Transform audits from a tiresome one-time event into a meaningful routine task and use dynamic audits to establish a culture of quality in your company.

As is the case for all other CAQ.Net modules, the Audit Management Software QAM.Net is optimized for mobile applications and usage of touchscreens. In the context of web-based applications, the facilitation of the online portal in conjunction with QAM.Net is also particularly noteworthy – especially with regard to aspects such as supplier relationship management. Including a web-portal gives you the possibility to conduct paperless, web-based audits by sending questionnaires to your suppliers via the Internet. These then reply directly in the online portal – allowing you to acquire, evaluate, and manage all your customer / supplier audits via the web. Functions such as these significantly increase the efficiency of your overall audit processes. The cross-modular implementation of QAM.Net and web-portals is only one example of how CAQ.Net allows you to effectively use systemwide synergies in order to exercise sophisticated quality or supplier management.

The reference models that are integrated in the Audit Management Software allow you to depict every process and product specification – in short, every little detail that is important for the assembly of your question catalogue. This facilitates absolute freedom in the planning of your audits and allows you to compile multi-dimensional information structures in your knowledge database. You can also add any number of individual references or whole reference classes to your questions during the compilation of your questionnaire or while the audit data is being acquired. You can later refer back to all these references during the composition of new audits or adjust existing questionnaires to fit individual audit requirements.

The software offers a comprehensive import and export interface with which to export or import questionnaires as MS Excel spreadsheet or XML file. This allows you to import your existing question catalogues into the software or to carry out offline audits and then have the collected information flow directly into the system at the touch of a button. This creates a spatial and temporal independence that guarantees you maximum flexibility throughout the entire audit process.

In QAM.Net, all measures and their due-dates are monitored and the necessary proof of effectiveness is stored directly in the system. Even during the audit, you can note down any nonconformities, inform the person responsible directly, and initiate necessary corrective actions. Whether actions, improvement possibilities, nonconformities or any other type of job - you always keep an overview of the processing status, scheduling, effectiveness, and completion of all open activities.

The Audit Management Software QAM.Net provides you with a whole host of cross-modular functions. These allow you to, for instance, prompt a CAPA including 5-Why or Ishikawa or other corrective measure from right inside the Audit Management Software module. The link to our proactive CMMS Software PMS.Net lets you prompt repair jobs or create maintenance plans directly in the audit management module. Even while your audit is being conducted, you can note down nonconformities or non-compliances, inform persons responsible, and start necessary containment actions. Whether actions, potentials for improvement, nonconformities, jobs, or any other audit-related matter: the software allows you to always have a clear overview of the processing status, due-date, effectiveness, and completion-degree of the measures you created.

The precise analysis and subsequent evaluation of all your audit-related data is the key to being able to learn from your audits. That is why the Audit Management Software QAM.Net provides a variety of different audit evaluation methods. In order to gain the greatest possible knowledge from your audits, you can use the software to evaluate the results fully automatically and 100% in conformity with standards (for example, DIN EN ISO 19011). You can also use completely self-defined evaluation methods when evaluating your audits. It allows you to, for example, consolidate any number of different audits into one audit group and assess them in shape of one entity. Alternatively, you can draw together identical audits that were conducted by different auditors and calculate the average value of the audit results at the push of a button. These possibilities provide the basis for detailed and meaningful reports and effective reporting. With QAM.Net you can use an instrument for your audit management that is unrivalled in terms of flexibility, compliance with standards, and sheer evaluation power.

The additional audit acquisition app provides you with access to all audits contained in the software QAM.Net and allows you to e.g. download them for offline acquisition purposes. The app is available in the App Store as well as in the Google Play Store and connection to QAM.Net is facilitated via CAQ.Net’s OpenAPI interface.

Each CAQ.Net Module Puts the Following at Your Disposal

  • Management of systemwide actions and tasks
  • Definition of attributes for all relevant entities
  • Configuration of role concepts and access rights
  • Use of multilingual application & transaction data, incl. translation tool
  • Application in multi-tenant mode for cross-location and cross-database scenarios
  • Modification of module-specific content and interfaces
  • Creation and modification of reports and e-mail templates
  • Analysis and evaluation of systemwide data across all CAQ.Net applications
  • Data validation via Audit Trail
  • Automated data exchange with existing IT-systems and infrastructures

Standards-Compliance of the Audit Management Software

  • DIN EN ISO 9001
  • DIN EN ISO 19011
  • VDA 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4
  • IATF 16949
  • DIN EN ISO 13485
  • DIN EN 9100
  • DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025
  • DIN EN ISO/IEC 17021
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 820.22
  • GMP
  • IFS
  • More Regulations »
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