Companywide application of CAQ.Net via browser-based solutions

CAQ.Net Web Applications

CAQ web-applications for cross-platform access to all CAQ-data. The MyCAQ.Net web-portal for the external distribution, processing, and viewing of complaints or dashboards and the WebCAQ.Net applications together form a set of powerful yet simple browser-based tools for your day-to-day quality management – with all the flexibility of the CAQ Enhanced Mobility Concept.

  • Cross-platform, browser-based architecture for decentralized implementation
  • Optimized for touchscreens, tablets, and smartphones
  • No additional installation effort required
  • Comprehensive and application-specific rights management
  • Easily process or delegate SOPs, audits, processes, 8-D reports, dashboards, actions, and much more
  • SSL-encoded and password authenticated connectivity
  • Seamless integration into your existing CAQ.Net database

Employee Training Management Web App
CAQ AG’s management solutions for direct online and cross-platform access to all your QM-relevant data

CAQ Enhanced Mobility Concept

The CAQ Enhanced Mobility Concept ensures that regardless of whether you’re using a Tablet PC, Smartphone or Desktop System, and entering data via a keyboard, mouse or touchscreen: CAQ.Net will always display precisely the information you want, when you want it, where you want it, and how you want it. In conjunction with the flexible CAQ Web applications WebCAQ.Net and MyCAQ.Net, you can even more effectively utilize the communication channels of the Internet or Intranet and turn your CAQ-system into a global tool for efficient quality management in the 21st century.

Mobile Solutions for Browsers

As there is no installation effort for implementing the web applications and the only thing that is needed is a browser, all employees, customers, and suppliers can use cross-platform smartphones or tablets with any type of operating system in order to participate in the consolidated quality effort of your company.

The comprehensive rights management functions thereby allow you to precisely determine e.g. who is to be allowed to view what information or who should confirm that he has read a specific document. The SSL-encoded and password authenticated connection ensures that no unauthorized persons are granted access to the system.

Internal/External Web Applications

CAQ.Net provides two different types of web applications that are each aimed at separate internal or external groups. The first type of web application is MyCAQ.Net – an online portal for exchanging quality-related data, which works independently from your CAQ-system. The data that is entered in e.g. audits or complaints by your suppliers or customers is only imported into your system following your express confirmation. As all external changes must go via you as primary controlling authority, there is no external access to the data in your CAQ-system.

The second type is WebCAQ.Net. It consists of module-accompanying web applications, which are designed to be used company-internally via the Intranet. WebCAQ.Net enables your employees to, for instance, view process structures or SOPs, execute document control steps, process actions, or register for trainings. During the development of WebCAQ.Net, particular attention was paid to keeping the user interface as simple as possible. This means that users do not require deeper knowledge of CAQ.Net in order to execute individual actions.

MyCAQ.Net: Characteristics and Functions

  • Cross-platform web application for use in the Internet
  • Facilitates a paperless, real-time exchange of all complaints, audits, quality control charts, dashboards, 8D-reports etc. directly with your suppliers and customers
  • Once your supplier or customer has entered his data, it is automatically encoded and sent back to you. Now you can determine whether it shall be directly imported into the applicable CAQ.Net module
  • Free-of-charge service for CAQ AG Factory Systems TSP-customers and for their suppliers/customers who use MyCAQ.Net in order to communicate with the TSP-customer
  • Is made available to our TSP-customers in the CAQ Cloud or can be operated independently

CAQ Web Application

WebCAQ.Net: Characteristics and Functions

  • Cross-platform web application for use in your company’s Intranet
  • Facilitates the simple processing of jobs and actions from within the various CAQ.Net modules as well as the creation and processing of complaints via a clear, user-friendly interface
  • Facilitates access to your training-management directory as well as the active registration for trainings and processing of training questions
  • Facilitates read-only access to process/flowchart diagrams including allocated documents as well as other documents such as SOPs, instructions, control charts, and inspections etc.

WebCAQ.Net Functions

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