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Software for Quality in the Service Industry and Public Sector

The service industry is most probably the fastest growing industry sector in the world. The importance of quality has grown in parallel to this, whereby the quality of a service and not merely its price has in many cases become the decisive factor that influences customer choice.

Workflow in the BPM software

Quality Management in the Public Sector

In the public sector, digitalized quality management systems play an increasingly important role, as administrations must continue to become more resilient, process-, impact-, service-, and citizen-oriented – particularly sensitive data protection regulations and the sheer size and diversity of the clientele that must be considered add to the challenges faced. In addition to the ubiquitous ISO 9001 and the EFQM model, the so-called Common Assessment Framework (CAF) - the common quality assessment model of European public administration - is one of quality management toolsets that is used.

Digitalization with CAQ.Net

Quality is the key to customer satisfaction, and in order to be able to provide consistent quality, it is necessary to have a holistic, company-wide approach to quality. Whether process management, document management, or training management: CAQ.Nets diverse software solutions make it possible to put a quality mindset into practice, to increase, prove, and maintain quality, and thus to boost the quality of services and excel at customer satisfaction and digitalization.

Processes under Control

Digitize your processes and create a concise, comprehensible and logically structured process documentation.

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Process Management Software »

Document Control

Provide all employees with decentralized and paperless access to relevant documents in the current version and document the corresponding control steps at any time.

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Document Control Software »

Skills Matrix

Get an overview of your employees' qualifications at the push of a button and be automatically reminded to refresh them.

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Skills Matrix Software »


Enable your employees to educate themselves remotely and to check and prove their knowledge level by means of interactive queries.

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E-Learning Software »

Root Cause Analysis

Uncover potential for improvement and explore the root causes of problems using Ishikawa diagrams and the 5-Why method.

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RCA Software »

Audit Management

Make your work easier with assistant-based audits, record them via smartphone app and have the results evaluated fully automatically.

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Audit Management Software »

More Components

Quality Management Software

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Quality Management Software »

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