Create and modify reports and e-mail templates

CAQ.Net Report & E-Mail Designer

Report and e-mail-designer for your CAQ-software. Form.Net provides enhanced print options and flexible form designs with which you can customize forms, reports, and documents. From intelligent printer usage with flexible printing profiles to corporate designs valid for your entire company – Form.Net makes your job easier and creates a new quality standard when it comes to your documents and presentations.

  • Application-spanning report generator
  • Multi-language support with automatic language choice for print-outs
  • Completely graphical form design via drag and drop
  • Intelligent forms with integrated SQL-functions as well as logic and filter functions
  • Standard-compliant form definitions or customized form design
  • Simple display of corporate design specifications
  • Customer and supplier-specific print-outs
  • Highest degree of flexibility thanks to specific printer profiles

Cross-Modular and Flexible

Form Generator
Intelligent forms with integrated SQL-functions as well as logic and filter functions

Because standard-compliance, practical value, and immediate usability are core elements of every one of our products, all CAQ.Net software modules include a large selection of libraries that contain a vast range of forms, reports, and other vital quality-related documents. However, compliance with standards does not always suffice. The need for tailor-made documents and reports designed to meet customer demands has increased greatly in the past – and of course process-specific documents can also help to simplify everyday work and thus increase product and process quality.

Form.Net supports you in every phase of your documentation procedure. Regardless of whether you wish to modify or enhance existing standard forms or wish to create totally new documents, this easily usable program allows you to do both. The familiar interface and drag & drop functions let you effortlessly create expressive reports and comprehensive documents. Form.Net puts you in command of integrated logic and database functions as well as flexible entry fields or conditional input/output fields.

Graphics, Tables, and Texts

Use Form.Net to visualize the content of complex data for rapid and accurate documentation. A variety of graphics, control charts, texts, and tables are at your disposal in order to create your own, individualized reports and documents.

Multi-Language Support

The multi-language support in Form.Net manifests our conception of truly international quality management. Each and every document used in the CAQ.Net software family can be displayed in a different language with the push of a button.

All documents will automatically be displayed in the specified dialogue language of the application – regardless of whether you are dealing with a predefined or self-made document. As only one database is used, each document automatically contains all installed languages. In order to display the document in a different language, all you need to do is change the language in the program and the document will change accordingly. This provides invaluable support when communicating with customers or suppliers in several countries.

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