Plan, manage, monitor, and evaluate your maintenance jobs.

CMMS Software for Maintenance

Maintenance management software for the intelligent servicing, maintenance, and inspection of all equipment, manufacturing systems, or tools in your company. By utilizing intelligent and usage-related data regarding measured wear and tear, the CMMS software PMS.Net only implements inspections that are truly necessary. It is able to learn and incorporate inspection histories automatically and apply the resulting statistics to future inspection and maintenance activities.

Advantages of the CMMS Software

CMMS Software PMS.Net
  • Maintenance plans for machines and tools
  • Spare-parts storage management and logistics
  • Minimum supply monitoring for spare and wear & tear parts
  • Automatic spare-part ordering and integrated form management
  • Drawings and documents attachable to maintenance plans
  • Self-learning maintenance concept and evaluation of executed maintenance work
  • Generation of extraordinary maintenance orders and repairs
  • Wear & tear inspections for optimizing inspection intervals
  • Dynamic maintenance intervals
  • Consideration of public and company holidays or weekends
  • Synchronization of maintenance work to optimize resource usage
  • Entry of order numbers and prices for various suppliers
  • Comprehensive graphic and list evaluations
  • Direct access to applicable, implemented, and controlled QBD.Net documents

Functions of the CMMS Software

The maintenance, inspection, and safety checks of equipment, manufacturing systems, or tools as well as the adherence to legally stipulated maintenance and inspection intervals are a part of everyday life for maintenance or production departments. Aspects such as warranty claims towards suppliers and questions of product liability towards customers and employees must also be considered within the framework of maintenance operations. All of this means that you must always be able to provide sound and verifiable documentation with respect to your entire maintenance history.

Questions posed may include: who needs to do what job when? Why did he do the job and what spare parts did he require? How long did it take him to do the job? How long were we not able to use the production facility? When and how long will the shutdown period last and how long will we be unable to use a specific tool? What personnel resources will be required for the task? The CMMS Software PMS.Net provides you with one holistic and highly intelligent solution for all these tasks. It is a state-of-the-art maintenance, servicing, and repair management system that includes a whole host of monitoring, documentation, planning, and reminder functions in order to ensure that jobs always get done when they need to get done.

Job management and due-date monitoring in the CMMS software PMS.Net

The software provides you with a clear and well-structured overview of all your past, present, and future maintenance jobs. Its reminder functions let you know, well in advance and fully automatically, when what task is due. It also provides you with a complete overview of maintenance-relevant facility and personnel data, that allows you to establish, who planned which job when – at the mere click of a button. Within this context, the software also supports you by providing individual checklists, which can be allocated to tasks or plans and ensure that these are a processed in a structured manner.

With the CMMS Software PMS.Net you can precisely determine your spare part requirements in accordance with assembly groups and bills of material as well as configure automatic shipments from predefined storage locations. You can also specify that automatic reorders should be executed if a minimum threshold of materials is undercut.

Maintenance jobs are not treated as mere linear entities in PMS.Net. The software instead facilitates cutting edge interactive and real-time information management. Current factors are drawn into consideration during the creation of maintenance jobs, meaning the system can automatically identify whether, for instance, maintenance jobs are not yet due because the facility, tool, etc. has not been used to its full extent.

Maintenance plan in the CMMS software PMS.Net
Freely scalable maintenance plans for machines and tools

The software actively and consistently supports you throughout the fulfilment of a variety of production planning duties. The system, for instance, allows you to classify tools, facilities, and machines according to their current or future maintenance status. Based on this information, you can then conveniently decide whether you wish to include them in the production planning process or deactivate them.

PMS.Net allows you to fully automatically manage and document your entire maintenance, repair, and inspection history. A variety of legal and standard compliant forms are already integrated in the system. You can also use the integrated editor in order to edit existing forms or create your own forms to best suit your requirements.

The clear tree-structures allow you to easily and quickly create all types of servicing and maintenance plans via drag & drop. If required, you can also apply several of the intelligent planning management functions simultaneously. You can create plans according to freely defined depth and structure parameters and include detailed bills of material. This enables you to create expressive and convenient assembly groups and incorporate these in your daily job management. The software will then fully automatically monitor the due dates, execution, and documentation of your planned jobs. All of this makes the CMMS Software PMS.Net the perfect solution for comprehensive and state-of-the-art servicing, care, and maintenance of all your tools and machinery.

Each CAQ.Net Module Puts the Following at Your Disposal

  • Management of systemwide actions and tasks
  • Definition of attributes for all relevant entities
  • Configuration of role concepts and access rights
  • Use of multilingual application & transaction data, incl. translation tool
  • Application in multi-tenant mode for cross-location and cross-database scenarios
  • Modification of module-specific content and interfaces
  • Creation and modification of reports and e-mail templates
  • Analysis and evaluation of systemwide data across all CAQ.Net applications
  • Data validation via Audit Trail
  • Automated data exchange with existing IT-systems and infrastructures

Standards-Compliance of the CMMS Software

  • DIN EN ISO 9001
  • IATF 16949
  • DIN EN ISO 13485
  • DIN EN 9100
  • DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025
  • GMP
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 820
  • IFS
  • More Regulations »
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