8D Report Software

The 8D report software accompanies you throughout the entire 8D process and ensures that you don’t miss any important details. The 8D report is one of the most important document types applied in complaint management. It is used for exchanging complaint-related information between customers and suppliers in order to solve underlying problems.

8D Report Software
8D Report in the complaint management system REM.Net

The eight ‘Ds‘ hereby stand for the individual process steps taken during the processing of a complaint. Although it originally comprised eight stages, or ‘disciplines‘, it was later augmented by an initial planning stage. These include

  • D1: Use a Team
  • D2: Define and Describe the Problem
  • D3: Develop Interim Containment Plan and Implement and Verify Interim Actions
  • D4: Determine, Identify, and Verify Root Causes and Escape Points
  • D5: Choose and Verify Permanent Corrections (PCs) for Problem / Non-Conformity
  • D6: Implement and Validate Corrective Actions
  • D7: Take Preventive Measures
  • D8: Congratulate Your Team

Complaint Data in the 8D report

The assistant-based completion of all eight points of the report via the 8D Report Software allows you to conduct effective acquisition and processing of your complaint data. Use the software to streamline your customer/supplier processes and achieve considerable increases in product quality assurance. Apart from 8D, the Complaint Management System REM.Net, also allows you to use other freely definable methods or variance categories, which you can equip with customized forms.

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