Central dashboard for the cross-modular application of CAQ.Net

CAQ.Net Central Quality Control

Central quality control. The software QDrive.Net puts you straight into the control room for all your quality related data. Whether risk analyses, complaints, or incoming goods inspections – QDrive.Net displays all occurrences of selected data in your modules and highlights the individual correlations in one powerful user interface. It thereby allows you to not only view the data, but to directly access programs and process relevant information at the click of a button. In short: QDrive.Net is the quintessence of a modern management system.

  • Full integration into all CAQ.Net modules
  • Direct access without repeat of log-on process
  • Complete transparency of your products and production processes
  • Fully integrated graphical evaluation and reporting tools
  • Online and real-time monitoring of all QM relevant processes
  • Linking of all quality assurance actions and jobs
  • Direct access to data of your ERP system or other databases
  • Only access to valid data and documents, filtered according to the most current index status
  • Central management of all system properties (master data, system administration, language settings)

Central Quality Control

Quality Management Dashboard
QDrive.Net displays all occurrences of selected data in your modules and highlights the individual correlations in one powerful user interface

Clearly structured information is the key to comprehensive and consistent quality management. Being able to see the interconnections between your data at one glance gives you a major advantage when analyzing individual entities. QDrive.Net provides exactly this and allows you to select individual persons, customers, suppliers, articles, machines, attributes, or processes and receive exact, real-time feedback regarding the data of the selected entity.

The modules that feature data regarding the respective entity will be highlighted in the user interface. If you select one of the highlighted modules (e.g. Compact.Net or REM.Net), then QDrive.Net will display the desired data instantly. You can now edit, print, or forward the relevant information. You can also access the individual modules from directly within QDrive.Net. After having logged on once, you will not have to log on to any of the other modules individually.

Cross-Modular Action and To-Do Overview

The program will also display all overdue actions within your CAQ.Net modules. Whether overdue initial sample tests in EMP.Net or documents in QBD.Net, gauge management processes in PMM.Net, or trainings in Qualify.Net: QDrive.Net will always show you the number of overdue actions right next to the applicable module. One click will open these and display them in a clearly structured list. You can then edit, print, or forward them via e-mail.

Cross-System Search Functions

Thanks to comprehensive search functions, also via freely definable attributes, QDrive.Net becomes the quintessence of a modern management system. In the shape of attributes, any type of information can be created as free field in the system and be findable at any time. These release-/update-safe attributes can be printed or evaluated in every document.

Integration in System Landscapes

QDrive.Net comes with a variety of customizing functions which allow an even more precise focus on the user‘s needs. For example, QDrive.Net can be completely adapted to the respective corporate design of the company by means of logo and background design. Individual graphic elements can also be displayed or arranged by the respective user in the sense of a dashboard to visualize all important and relevant content from the entire system at a glance. This high degree of individualization has been proven to lead to a significant increase in company-wide user acceptance.

Transparent Production Process

By covering every aspect of the production process and facilitating the integration of peripheral systems and existing control mechanisms, QDrive.Net can serve the entire production procedure from beginning to end. Using CAQ.Net in conjunction with QDrive.Net means that you can drastically reduce processing times and greatly improve internal processes thanks to next level data transparency. QDrive.Net ensures that existing knowledge is used as efficiently as possible. Regardless of what area of business you are active in, QDrive.Net will always give you the overview and control that you need to be able to conduct comprehensive, top-level quality management.

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