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Software for Quality in the Metalworking Industry

Whereas in some areas of metalworking, steel is beaten into shape by gigantic hammers or melted down and poured to make parts that weigh several tonnes, other areas focus on precision parts that are crafted with tolerances of just a few micrometres. Whether dealing with the sheer power of the heavy industries or the obsession for detail found in precision mechanics, there is one fact that all metalworking companies have in common: the quality must be right.

Inspection data acquisition in the quality inspection software Compact.Net
Data pens, touchscreens, or peripheral data acquisition via smartphone or tablet PC: CAQ-Compact.Net allows you to tear down the physical boundaries of conventional quality, production, and environmental management

Quality Management Software Solutions

The CAQ.Net software solutions provide everything you need for consistently maintaining quality in all metalworking industries. It therefore comes as no surprise that the products our customers produce range all the way from precision cogwheels to entire train parts or girders. We successfully support them throughout the effective implementation of IATF 16949, ISO 9001, AS 9100, or ISO 13485 and all other matters relevant to the management of their product quality. Whether the inclusion of CAD-drawings, FMEAs, or the processing of complaints: CAQ.Net software provides precisely the functions you require in order to forge your personal quality management system.

Comply with Industry Standards Using CAQ Software

IATF 16949

Starting with FMEA, MSA, PPAP, SPC, and the 8D Report up to the finished Control Plan - CAQ.Net offers you holistic software solutions for complying with IATF 16949.

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ISO 13485 & ISO 14971

Whether it's CAPA, risk management, root cause analysis, document control, skills matrix, change control, or data validation – with CAQ.Net you can fulfil all requirements of ISO 13485 as well as ISO 14971.

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AS 9100

Control documents, track changes, manage and process audits, uncover improvement potential, or monitor employee qualifications. All requirements of AS 9100 are covered in CAQ.Net.

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Standard-Compliant Software Solutions

Quality Management Software

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Metalworking Companies that Rely on CAQ.Net

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