Manage complaints, analyze nonconformities, and investigate root causes.

Complaint Management System

Complaint management, nonconformity management, and CAPA in one software including 8D-reports, Ishikawa, 5-Why, and escalation management. The software REM.Net provides invaluable support throughout your every-day complaint-workflow and accompanies you all the way from the receipt of a complaint via its initial processing to response, analysis, and cost-control.

Advantages of the Complaint Management System

Complaint Management System REM.Net
Uncover the root causes of problems by using the 5-Why method and Ishikawa diagrams
  • Complaint and service management in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 9100, ISO 13485, IATF 16949, VDA, and IFS
  • Customer, supplier, and internal complaints with freely definable detail specification
  • Ishikawa diagrams and 5 why method for root cause analysis
  • Systemwide implementation of CAPA-actions
  • Connect with web-portals for exchanging complaints with customers / suppliers
  • Inclusion of any object such as PDFs, photos, scans, or videos
  • Archiving and administration of all communication regarding nonconformities, such as e-mails, scans, log entries for telephone calls
  • Automated cost functions for an unlimited number of freely definable keys of payment
  • Escalation management for status, action, and maturity follow-ups including definition of target / actual dates and responsibilities
  • Fully integrated 8D-reports as well as freely definable reports and documents
  • Short- and long-term evaluations including sophisticated evaluation planning functions
  • Definition of any number of failure details, including corrective and containment actions
  • Integrated evaluation planning with statistical and analytical tools and graphics

Functions of the Complaint Management System

The Complaint Management System REM.Net enables you to turn complaints into opportunities. Use the highly refined analytical tools, cost management functions, and methods for root cause analysis in the software in order to comprehensively screen complaints and be able to react immediately. Use the software to efficiently and systematically analyze mistakes and process violations in order to detect their causes and triggers. Identify the hidden causes of complaints and uncover potential for improvement by analyzing error concentration patterns or weak points in production. The software provides consistent support during the entire complaint management workflow. It accompanies you from the initial entry of the service request all the way to its completion and systematically yields invaluable information throughout every processing step. Thanks to its user-friendly assistants, you will always receive hands-on support by the program and will never be left alone throughout the complaint management process: all the way from comprehensive action management to customer service functions.

The software accompanies you throughout the entire 8D-process and ensures that you don’t miss any important details. Use the integrated cross-modular 8D-reports in order to conduct effective evaluations and analyses of your complaint data and achieve considerable increases in product quality assurance. In REM.Net, you can also use other freely definable methods or variance categories, which you can equip with individual or customized documents.

Analysis and evaluation of complaint-related faults in the complaint management system REM.Net
Use REM.Net to analyze and evaluate complaint-related faults

The software provides you with freely configurable analytical tools for your cost controlling and reporting processes in order to address costs relating to troubleshooting, replacement, shipping, process improvements, and corrective, preventative, or shutdown actions. These allow you to monitor and interpret the complaint costs in your company and create cost indicators for every point of your workflow – even fully automated and quantity- or action-specific if desired. This means that you are always able to present clear and succinct facts regarding all complaint-relevant cost issues.

Web-assistant in the complaint management system REM.Net
Web-assistants guide you through the acquisition / processing of complaints

Online assistants guide you through the entire data acquisition process and ensure that information is entered securely and in a consistently structured manner. It is then directly available to all users who require it. Any information regarding new occurrences can be sent by REM.Net directly as e-mail, PDF-file, or text message onto your phone. The integrated task management assists you in the completion of your actions and escalation management. It controls tasks and sends automatic reminders via e-mail to a previously defined group of recipients according to maturity or revision status.

REM.Net allows you to control and monitor your complaints on virtually all mobile devices and conduct sophisticated complaint management wherever you are. The MyCAQ.Net web-portal allows you to forward complaints you created in REM.Net to employees, customers or suppliers. The complaints can then be processed by the authorized persons on the web-portal and be returned to you immediately. All information you send via MyCAQ.Net can be securely accessed and processed on virtually all mobile or stationary devices. Data exchange via the VDA QDX standard (Quality Data eXchange) is also an integral part of the software. This standard allows different CAQ Systems to easily exchange quality-related information with one another.

The combination of REM.Net and the Quality Inspection Software Compact.Net provides you with the ideal solution for the rational and safe processing of complaints and gathering of inspection data. If, for example, an incoming goods inspection finds a faulty product or a process violation occurs during an SPC inspection, an internal complaint is created, monitored, and processed directly via the software – all important process data is available immediately and can be fully incorporated into processes or fault descriptions. Previously conducted production and inspection orders are also available and can be included during the creation of a new complaint. This completes the perfect circle of technical and organizational process management.

In the spirit of a holistic CAPA Software, REM.Net incorporates cross-modular CAPA measures that accompany you along the entire product lifecycle. This allows you to create and apply extensive corrective and preventive actions at all times. These actions enable effective and systematic treatment of quality defects, errors, and disruptions in accordance with the concept of prophylactic and preventative failure and error management.

The Complaint Management System REM.Net can be directly integrated into your existing data structures. Apart from standard features such as the master data import / export, the automatic triggering of complaints via external systems or the export of complaint data including costs, it is also possible to import order data including related batch information. This means that all orders and serial / material numbers can always be precisely allocated to the appropriate complaint. These measures lead to an efficient cross-integration of the various systems and facilitate the highest possible degree of data synergy.

  • Data gathering regarding failure location, type, and cause
  • Flexible workflow management and determination of action effectiveness
  • Text modules for standardized formulation and failure description
  • Automatic inspection order prompting in the quality inspection module Compact.Net via REM.Net
  • Integrated coupling with the risk management module Risk.Net as knowledge base for risk analyses
  • Direct access to applicable, implemented, and controlled QBD.Net documents

Each CAQ.Net Module Puts the Following at Your Disposal

  • Management of systemwide actions and tasks
  • Definition of attributes for all relevant entities
  • Configuration of role concepts and access rights
  • Use of multilingual application & transaction data, incl. translation tool
  • Application in multi-tenant mode for cross-location and cross-database scenarios
  • Modification of module-specific content and interfaces
  • Creation and modification of reports and e-mail templates
  • Analysis and evaluation of systemwide data across all CAQ.Net applications
  • Data validation via Audit Trail
  • Automated data exchange with existing IT-systems and infrastructures

Standards-Compliance of the Complaint Management System

  • DIN EN ISO 9001
  • DIN EN ISO 13485
  • FSSC 22000
  • DIN ISO 10002
  • IATF 16949
  • DIN EN 9100
  • DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 820.100
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 820.198
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • GMP
  • IFS
  • More Regulations »

Complaint Management FAQ

The 8D-report is one of the most important document types applied in complaint management. It is used for exchanging complaint-related information between customers and suppliers in order to solve underlying problems. The eight ‘Ds‘ hereby stand for the individual process steps taken during the processing of a complaint. Although it originally comprised eight stages, or ‘disciplines‘, it was later augmented by an initial planning stage.

The 5-Why method, developed by Toyota, uses a simple yet effective question asking technique in order to find root causes. Repeatedly asking the question of “Why?” peels away individual causes bit by bit and eventually exposes the root cause of a problem.

The Ishikawa diagram allows you to consolidate problem causes and interdependencies in a clearly structured fishbone diagram. The influencing variables are subdivided into primary and secondary causes, which all point towards the main problem or potential for improvement. Individual arrows in the diagram each stand for a contributing factor to a cause or improvement. Analyzing the various influence factors via the Ishikawa diagram often reveals connections that no one would have thought of initially.

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