E-Learning Software

Implementing an e-learning software solution helps companies to develop the full potential of their employees and thereby set the course toward sustainable success.

The necessary company-wide quality mindset and continuous improvement process can, however, only be achieved if all employees can join in on the challenge and continuously improve themselves via ongoing training measures.

E-Learning Functions in the Training Management Software Qualify.Net
E-Learning via web browser

Qualify.Net: Dynamic E-Learning

The E-Learning Software Qualify.Net allows employees to directly perform self-studies and check their individual level of knowledge via interactive questionnaires and tests. The CAQ.Net web-applications play an important role here, as they give your employees the flexibility to decide themselves what, how, when, and where they wish to study. The validity of training documents and other applicable materials that employees access throughout their self-study can be directly monitored via the document management module.

Software for Qualification and Training Management

As holistic solution for the ISO-compliant administration of employee qualifications, the Training Management Software Qualify.Net along with sophisticated e-learning functions contains all elements required for planning, documenting, and evaluating individual training actions.

The perfect interplay with the document and process management modules provides employees with 24/7 access to relevant company knowledge, which they can internalize via self-study and check their level of knowledge via a web-based interface. All of this serves as basis for creating a dynamic and continuous improvement process, which benefits everyone from the individual employee to the overall company.

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