In Good Hands

Project Management

The services that CAQ AG has to offer go far beyond the mere provision of easily implementable software solutions. We accompany you from the initial expert consultation all the way to the full-on implementation of the CAQ-system in your IT-environment. We then continue to provide comprehensive and unparalleled support and expert assistance long after your CAQ-system has been installed. Rest assured that you receive a CAQ-system that has been tailor-made to best suit your requirements and that you always have access to unmatched quality of service during operation.


We know from experience, that when dealing with management systems, different companies have different requirements. Therefore, we designed our modular CAQ-system with the highest degrees of adaptability and customizability in mind.

Just like a construction kit, our system allows us to pick the most suitable building blocks and thereby provide you with perfect solutions to your individual quality management demands. Within the scope of our consultation / analysis we accompany and support you regarding these topics:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • System Analysis
  • Implementation Planning

A detailed requirements analysis is conducted in order to establish precisely which CAQ.Net modules you require in order to increase the efficiency and quality throughout your production or provision of service. In the final step of the requirements analysis, we determine the training requirements in your company in order to ensure that your employees can utilize the full potential of your CAQ-system.

Start-up-Procedure / Implementation

We’re more than happy to provide you with onsite assistance in order to ensure that CAQ.Net is correctly installed and incorporated in your IT-environment, and will not rest until everything works perfectly. This includes the initial training of your employees in the correct usage of your new CAQ-system. During the start-up-procedure / implementation we accompany and support you regarding these topics:

  • System Preparation / Requirements
  • Software Installation
  • Interfaces
  • Configuration
  • Fine-Tuning

Introduction / Rollout

After your CAQ-system has been integrated in your IT-environment, configured, and fine-tuned, the focus lies on your employees and their handling of the modules. User-trainings and pilot projects allow them to learn and practice the correct operation of your CAQ-system in their workplace setting. The introduction phase is also designed to allow your employees to ask questions and, within the framework of reviews, us to check important parameters of the system. During the start-up- introduction / rollout we accompany and support you regarding these topics:

  • Basic User-Training
  • Pilot Project
  • Review
  • In-Depth User-Training
  • Rollout

The CAQ-system is now fully integrated in your IT-environment, the applicable modules have been configured, all interfaces to measurement devices etc. have been set up, and your trained employees can confidently command the individual modules.

From now on, CAQ AG‘s expert support-team will take over as part of your Top Service Package. Our team consists of highly trained IT-professionals who command years of experience in dealing with the most diverse systems and interfaces. So, whether you contact us via our web-based service-portal or via our hotline, rest assured that you will always receive consistently effective support in all matters relating to your CAQ.Net® software solution.

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