Consolidate, visualize, and communicate your KPIs.

KPI Software

Key performance indicator management and balanced scorecards in one software including reporting, visualization, and management-review. The KPI software Success.Net provides invaluable support during the definition, planning, acquisition, evaluation, as well as target-group visualization and reporting of KPIs and objective agreements. It allows you to integrate, visualize, and consistently monitor KPIs in a practice-oriented and company-specific manner.

Advantages of the KPI Software

KPI Software Success.Net
  • Create and monitor individual KPIs and quality indicators
  • Practice quality controlling with analysis, monitoring, and prognosis
  • Integrate external systems (ERP, MES, HRM, CRM, CAQ, ...)
  • Integrate external data sources (ODBC, SQL, CSV, XML, ...)
  • Perform strategic quality control with balanced scorecards
  • Determine key objectives and target corridors
  • Due-date monitoring via target / actual comparisons and escalation management
  • Automatic compilation of regular reports
  • Full-screen display of dashboard as slide show (e.g. at shop-floor level)
  • Exchange and display dashboards via the MyCAQ.Net web-portal
  • Direct access to applicable, implemented, and controlled QBD.Net documents

Functions of the KPI Software

Whether sales numbers, machine downtimes, or complaint costs: correct, comprehensive, and concise indicator values provide invaluable support for successfully managing a company. They also assist you in recognizing deviations in advance and implementing improvement processes as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, regardless how comprehensively or precisely data is gathered, it remains worthless if it cannot be evaluated. In fact, what is required is not just data, but reliable and interpretable information. Success.Net is a software solution that is designed to do just that: make sense of data and turn it into information.

The number of parallel IT-systems that operate in a modern-day company is considerable. All these systems produce an immense quantity of data. Unfortunately, each system tends to stick to its own preferred language. Evaluations across the various systems prove to be difficult, because the data output of one system rarely matches the input format of the other system. The only option generally consists of a detour that requires both arduous manual data entry and a subsequent wrestling with spreadsheet programs. The KPI Software Success.Net enables automatic data evaluations that bring clarity and order to the prevalent confusion formats. It provides invaluable support during the definition, planning, acquisition, evaluation, as well as target-group visualization and reporting of key performance indicators (KPI) and objective agreementsacross a vast number of different IT-systems.

Visualization and reporting with the KPI Software Success.Net

Once it is configured, the software provides the basis for systemwide reporting throughout the company. Let’s say you wish to regularly compare data from your ERP with that of your EQMS and MES in order to detect trends and relationships between provided materials, conducted inspections, and production parameters. The software simply extracts the data from the different systems and translates it into one lingua franca. Success.Net thereby provides uniform indicators, which it simultaneously visualizes in an application-specific manner and places them into a preconfigured dashboard.

Use the KPI Software Success.Net to define the most important indicator values to best suit your company-internal requirements. These may, for instance, consist of the quality costs that are accrued in your company. All you need to do is define your desired criteria and prompt the acquisition of the applicable values once. The software will then analyze incoming data accordingly and put it into relation to your target values. It will then automatically inform the persons responsible with regard to the status of implemented improvement measures and raise the alarm if the target corridor is violated by a specific degree.

Each CAQ.Net Module Puts the Following at Your Disposal

  • Management of systemwide actions and tasks
  • Definition of attributes for all relevant entities
  • Configuration of role concepts and access rights
  • Use of multilingual application & transaction data, incl. translation tool
  • Application in multi-tenant mode for cross-location and cross-database scenarios
  • Modification of module-specific content and interfaces
  • Creation and modification of reports and e-mail templates
  • Analysis and evaluation of systemwide data across all CAQ.Net applications
  • Data validation via Audit Trail
  • Automated data exchange with existing IT-systems and infrastructures

Standards-Compliance of the KPI Software

  • DIN EN ISO 9001
  • DIN EN ISO 13485
  • FSSC 22000
  • IATF 16949
  • DIN EN 9100
  • DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 820.20
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • GMP
  • IFS
  • More Regulations »
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