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Discover a world in which employees are guided by simple apps, machines communicate directly with management software, and the uninterrupted flow of information from the shop floor of production to the top floor of management is ensured.

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CAQ.Net® software solutions are in action all around the globe wherever it is important to ensure the quality, safety, and functionality of products and services. Whether strategic quality management or operational quality assurance – thanks to its high degree of automation and uniform data structure, CAQ.Net® facilitates effective process management, proactive failure prevention, and a company-wide quality mindset.

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Learn everything you need to know about the practical application of CAQ.Net® software solutions as well as the latest trends and innovations from the field of quality management directly from our experts.

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CAQ Systems for ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 13485, IFS, GxP, and more. Whether automotive parts, food, or medical technology, whether service industry or heavy-duty machinery: CAQ.Net® software allows you to create a quality management solution that precisely meets your company’s industry-specific requirements.

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Learn how leading companies from a wide range of industries use our software solutions to produce world-class quality products and take their strategic quality management to an all new level.

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