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CAQ.Net Workshops
Make the Most of Your Software

Software User Workshops

Our software user workshops teach you how to expertly apply our modules in your daily work environment. They furthermore convey information regarding what’s new in the CAQ.Net® software and show you how to use new software functions in a practice-oriented manner. The synergies that arise by working together with other users from different companies allow you to exchange ideas and best-practice knowledge during the workshops.

Participation Is Free for TSP-customers

Participation is typically free for CAQ AG Factory Systems TSP-customers: As an additional service provided by CAQ AG Factory Systems, customers with a valid TSP (Top Service Pack) will typically get a credit of up to 25% of the annual TSP fee to offset user workshop participation fees, when using the online booking feature available at www.GFQ.de. You can access and check your current TSP bonus at any time at www.GFQ.de.

Description Language Duration Location Next Date
Quality Assurance with CAQ.Net English 2 Days Online 28/10/2021
Quality Management with CAQ.Net English 2 Days Online 04/04/2022
Quality Assurance with CAQ.Net English 2 Days Online 13/10/2022
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