CAQ AG Factory Systems:
Innovation in the Name of Quality

We are a company that has developed itself from a pioneer in the field of quality-related software back in the 1980s to one of the global technology leaders for management software solutions today.

CAQ AG is a management software manufacturer with a focus on strategic quality management and operational quality assurance. The company’s CAQ.Net software products facilitate a companywide quality mindset by offering solutions in areas such as process management, document management, training management, audit management, risk management, complaint management, and calibration management as well as quality inspection management. Apart from the development and implementation of said software-based management solutions, CAQ AG also offers services relating to its solutions that include the facilitation of SaaS hosting and provision of expert user trainings.

I. Quality: it’s in our DNA

We live and breathe quality in all our business operations. From our day to day processes and tools as well as the selection of our team all the way to our products and close customer relationships – we apply the highest standards of quality to everything we do and always have continuous improvement in mind.

We don’t limit continuous improvement to isolated issues but instead aim to put everything into perspective with regard to the big picture. If context and big picture are not drawn into consideration, continuous improvement only takes place at a small scale and may result in micromanaging processes which may need to be rethought in their entirety. We believe that one must always be prepared and ready to challenge every detail, process, and convention.

II. The concept of standard software

Regardless of company size or line of industry: the requirements regarding management systems that are formulated in standards and regulations are in fact very similar. If one takes a closer look at said requirements, one quickly realises, that they merely differ regarding terminology, security aspects, and individual emphases. This reality lays the perfect groundwork for freely configurable standard software.

With the idea of standard software for quality assurance in mind, Hans-Jörg Brück, Klaus Schumacher and Michael Schwarz consolidated all the experience and know-how they had acquired during the development of project software since 1981 as well as their comprehensive knowledge in the areas of quality management training and consulting, to found CAQ AG Factory Systems in 1993.

The customers of CAQ AG initially included small and medium enterprises in the automotive industry. These customers profited from the fact that they were able to perform and administrate a variety of software-related tasks such as installation, connection of peripheral IT, and design of evaluations and reports all by themselves without the need for assistance by developers or consultants of CAQ AG. This simplicity has ever since been an integral part of our company philosophy.

In 2013, the founders of CAQ AG went into well-deserved retirement and sold the company to the three current owners and board members. Following this successful generational change and the passing of the baton, our customer-base today includes companies from within virtually all lines of industry and ranging in size from SMEs to multinational corporations, who all profit from the simple and straight-forward design of our software solutions.

III. Self-conception & company culture

The key factors of our company philosophy are innovation, team-spirit, enthusiasm, and the ensuing long-term bonds with our customers and employees. Though it may seem somewhat unusual in today’s fast-paced IT-business, we are tremendously proud of the loyal and long-lasting employment relationships and the unusually long ties to our customer-base we enjoy.

We see ourselves as tool and solution provider for our customers, as our software enables them to implement superior processes and produce high-quality goods. The product quality has a direct impact on the success of a company and we believe that we and our solutions directly contribute to said success. Hence, we are not only proud of our own products, but primarily proud of the products of our customers. Our products may not be the cheapest on the market, but we never intended to be the cheapest provider. We, instead, aim to always provide our customers with the best, most sophisticated and up-to-date software solutions the market has to offer, in order to support them on their journey to success.

IV. What does the future have in store?

We are a modern IT-company that consistently orients itself toward the latest technologies. However, we always operate with an adequate degree of caution and do not blindly follow the latest IT-trends. Devising, improving, and upholding complex IT-processes has always been our game. We believe that in the near future every company from within every line of industry will be facing very similar challenges to those that IT-companies like us have been facing and continue to face every day: every company will in part become a little more of an IT-company.

Hence, IT-systems that are linked via intelligent interfaces as well as the digital management of company processes will become ever more important for companies in order for them to be able to uphold and increase their competitive edge. Now right here is where our strengths lie, because we know and understand these processes and how important the comprehensive linkage of systems is.

We are your reliable partner in all matters relating to quality and will support you throughout whatever the digital future may bring.

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