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It can safely be said that most of the devices built by the mechanical engineering sector are prerequisites of other production industries, as they are often the initial machines and facilities with which subsequent products are made. From small machines or components to entire refineries and production plants – the mechanical engineering sector is as multi-facetted as the industries for which it creates vital production equipment. To a certain degree, the quality of subsequent products is also decided right in this initial phase of the production chain by the quality of the machines and plants that are used in said production.

Graphic inspection data acquisition in the quality inspection software Compact.Net
The graphic inspection data acquisition function allows you to graphically acquire and evaluate any number of characteristics directly onsite at the object – also via intuitive touchscreen interface

Quality Management Software Solutions

The mostly highly complex products of the mechanical engineering sector require that the quality of every detail is monitored and controlled and just as the development and construction of machines and production plants unites a variety of technical disciplines such as materials science, mechanical engineering, or drivetrain technology, the CAQ.Net software solutions bring together several different quality methods in one powerful system. Whether PDCA, DMAIC, or Kaizen: CAQ.Net extracts the most suitable measures from existing quality philosophies in order to give you everything you require to achieve your quality goals and production targets.

Mechanical Engineering Companies that Rely on CAQ.Net

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