Analyze and evaluate systemwide data across all CAQ.Net applications

Cross-Modular Evaluations in CAQ.Net

Perform cross-modular evaluations in your CAQ-Software. Create analyses, statistics, and visualizations with QReports.Net: the fully integrated and module-spanning data collection in CAQ.Net. It provides you with the perfect decision-making tool for data analysis and economic/qualitative evaluations. Bar graphs, donut charts, pie charts, 3-D graphics, or basic list evaluations are all options that allow you to gain an accurate and fast overview of the overall situation at hand.

  • Module-spanning evaluation of statistics
  • Access to complete database
  • Compilation of individual evaluations
  • Visualization in lists, graphics, and diagrams
  • Save results in MS Office applications
  • Drill-drown function with flexible filter
  • Grouping of results according to custom input
  • Full integration of all CAQ AG Factory Systems’ modules
  • Individualized user and rights concept for confidentiality of information
  • Direct access to applicable, implemented, and controlled QBD.Net documents
  • Creation and control of freely definable actions via JobControl.Net
  • Full support of VDA QDX format
  • Automatic e-mail notifications via JobControl.Net
  • Comprehensive history management via AuditTrail.Net
  • Multi-tenancy capability for cross-database and cross-locational solutions

Analyze QMS data with QReports.Net
Bar graphs, donut charts, pie charts, 3-D graphics, or basic list evaluations are options that allow you to gain an accurate overview of the overall situation

Expressive Quality Management

Few aspects of quality management are as important as clear, expressive, and unambiguous information regarding the strategic and operative course of a company. QReports.Net provides precisely this. It supports you throughout your interaction with customers, suppliers, and business partners by clearly stating what has been achieved and projecting trends for the future.

This makes it the ideal supplement for the cross-modular Q-transparency that connects the individual CAQ.Net software modules and a logical enhancement of the intra-modular statistics and evaluation functions.

Integrated Data Warehouse System

QReports.Net allows you to compile the individual costs that are amassed in each and every area of your business – regardless of what location (production, development, or shipping) or what application (complaint management, product inspections, or audits) these costs arose in.

If, for instance, you require information regarding a supplier, customer, or action and their individual pricing or efficiency, then QReports.Net can provide invaluable support during the gathering, analysis and visualization of said information. It constellates information from within all your CAQ.Net modules: starting with the development of a new product in APQP.Net all the way to the current production numbers in Compact.Net and the continual improvement process effected via REM.Net and Risk.Net. This information can then be exported in virtually all available formats such as .xls, .emf, .bmp, .jpg, .png, .wmf, or .tiff.

Real-Time or Periodic Report Manager

The cross-modular connection of information means that you do not need to tediously combine complex numbers and formulae in MS Excel or draw and format diagrams and graphics for the upcoming Q-report or financial statement. Once you have compiled the necessary data, it is always available in precisely the design you require it in. In a step-by-step manner, you hereby create a fixed catalogue of clearly structured default reports that can be used as real-time report manager or be accessed, published, and distributed periodically at specific points in time.

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