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How to Exchange Data with Customers and Suppliers via the Quality Exchange Hub

Thanks to its open interface concept, the CAQ.Net software is ideally suited for facilitating communication across any number of different IT systems or companies. The Quality Exchange Hub by qxhub AG is the latest addition to the ranks of interconnected software systems that perform in tandem with CAQ.Net. It allows you to seamlessly integrate all customers and suppliers into your quality management processes and exchange quality-related data in an encrypted and legally compliant manner.

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Provision of Supplier Self-Assessments

Audits and supplier self-assessments are two fields where the effortless intercommunication between customers and suppliers via the CAQ.Net software and the Quality Exchange Hub is particularly evident. You can, for example, make questionnaires available to a supplier at the push of a button in your CAQ-system and the supplier can then easily edit them via a browser or any software system connected via OpenAPI and send them right back to you. You can track the processing status of exported records via your CAQ-system in real time and import answers directly into your system to precisely the right spot.

qxhub - audit
Your supplier can process audit-checklists directly in his browser.

  • Automatic Export
    Export your existing questionnaires via your CAQ.Net software
  • Perform Supplier Self-Assessments
    Your supplier processes your inquiry easily via a browser or any connected software system
  • Check Supplier Audit StatusYou can track your supplier audits in real time and import all responses

Edit Findings and Actions

Both you and your supplier can create, execute, and monitor findings or actions that relate to audits and supplier self-assessments. Automatic notification functions ensure that you are always informed if new findings or actions are created and kept up to date regarding their processing status and ensuing deadlines.

  • Control Actions
    You and your supplier can create or edit actions at any time
  • Automatic Notifications
    You will receive notifications when new actions are created or when the status of an action is changed
  • Monitor Deadlines
    CAQ.Net monitors all deadlines related to actions or findings.

Exchange Documents

The bidirectional transfer of documents via CAQ.Net facilitates the secure and automated exchange of various document types with your customers and suppliers – Resulting in both time savings as well as the elimination of error potentials in comparison with conventional transaction methods.

A simple example is the exchange of certificates. While certificates and details regarding their validity often have to be manually requested, entered, and monitored, CAQ.Net turns this is into a fully automated process that only has to be initiated once. You can, for example, subscribe to ISO certificates from customers or suppliers. These are then automatically stored in the appropriate place in your CAQ-system and updated accordingly when they are reissued. This also works the other way around, so that you can also provide certificates as subscriptions. Automatic notifications regarding subscribed documents ensure that all parties are always kept up-to-date.

  • Providing Documents
    You can either provide documents publicly or share them privately
  • Subscribe to Documents
    You can subscribe to documents and are always kept up-to-date with the latest information
  • Automatic Notifications
    You will be notified at any time when subscribed documents are changed

Other Scenarios of Application

Whether functions for exchanging complaint data such as 8D reports or for communicating gauge data and gauge certificates - the application scenarios for exchanging quality-related data with customers and suppliers in CAQ.Net is expanding continuously. Eventually, it will be possible to integrate all relevant parties worldwide into each and every one of your quality management processes.

How It Works

The bidirectional exchange of quality-related data is accomplished by connecting CAQ.Net to qxhub AGs Quality Exchange Hub – by default, all necessary functions are already included in your CAQ.Net installation and you can get started right away.

  • Register
    You and your supplier sign up to the Quality Exchange Hub at www.qxhub.net.
  • Exchange Data
    Now you and your supplier can exchange checklists, documents, or data from other quality-related processes at the push of a button.
  • Edit Processes
    Both you and your supplier can edit quality-related processes either in your respective CAQ-system or directly in a browser without the necessity of additional installation steps.

Quality Exchange Hub

The Quality Exchange Hub by qxhub AG is an open and independent platform for the simple, encrypted, and legally compliant exchange of quality-related documents and data across any software system. All communication and exchange processes utilize state-of-the-art technology and data is hosted exclusively in Germany.


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