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CAQ-Software at Hartmann Codier: Quality That Counts

Hartmann, founded over fifty years ago in Baiersdorf, has been part of the Swiss corporation Phoenix Mecano since 1985 and started out producing counters and developing thumbwheel code switches. Approximately 100 employees-strong, the company today specializes in the production of electromechanical components for a national and international market.

Hartmann constantly monitors and researches the electromechanical market in order to develop innovative solutions for its diverse customer base. The company possesses its own 3D CAD system and engineering department with which it engineers highly customer-specific components. Production then takes place in the precision injection moulding department that includes an almost fully automated assembly.

Realization of Custom Designs

Thanks to the ingenuity and expertise of its employees, Hartmann is able to show off a performance portfolio which includes both standard production items as well as the realization of custom designs. The latest product from Hartmann is the setting dial switch DH. Initially developed as customer-specific solution, the product line has since grown to include 3 editions with 4 different widths, many variants, and countless customization possibilities.

Looking towards the Future and Building on Experience

It becomes evident that individualized and innovative developments create the basis for Hartmann Codier GmbH & Co. KG’s 50 years of success. It is therefore not surprising that Hartmann expects its own suppliers to value and provide similar assets in business arrangements. Hartmann did not have to look very long to find an appropriate software system for quality assurance that would satisfy its expectations.

Cooperative Relationship

After comparing similar software systems by several providers, Hartmann decided to employ Compact.Net by CAQ AG. “The possibility of a cooperative relationship with CAQ AG convinced us”, explains Wilhelm Andree, supervisor of quality assurance. “Just like Hartmann, CAQ AG is very receptive towards customer wishes. Their willingness to program additional features into their program impressed me in particular. Whenever we make suggestions for improvements or changes in specific parts of the software, CAQ AG evaluates these and if it is determined that they would be of value to all users, often realizes said changes at no extra charge."

Open Database Structure

In order to make such individualizations feasible, the software company relies on an open database structure. “With the help of the Connect.Net module, users can access all data of the CAQ-system and enhance the database with information from other systems. And the same goes for the vice-versa operation of exporting data into other systems”, explains Wilhelm Andree. “This represented a determining decision criterion for our cooperation.”

Growing Quality

Hartmann clearly trusts its software in operation. This is evident in the continuing development of its system for quality assurance. The first software module was installed to supervise production. Today, an expansive server-based SQL system is in place, relying on Compact.Net and supplementary modules such as complaint management, form generator, Connect.Net, as well as the automatic event mailing system Mail.Net.

The SQL server solution is an important element for Hartmann since the software system is used in the entire company by more than fifty employees. To achieve this, every department has special CAQ workstations whose results flow directly into the system and are available for overview purposes right after data acquisition.

Audit Management

The QAM.Net software module for audit management is employed to manage the existing ISO 9000 management system as well as the environmental certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001. Based on freely definable questionnaires, the software allows Hartmann to model any process, product specification, or system detail of the company.

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