A Focus on Quality – QAM.Net and the New Edition of "VDA 6 Part 3"

The consistent monitoring and improvement of processes within companies is one of the primary criteria for maintaining successful quality management.

The second, fully revised edition of VDA 6 Part 3 “Product Development Process / Serial Product and Service Development Process / Providing of Service” that was first published in June 2010 addresses specifically these issues. The increase in the complexity of supply chains, reduced development times, and the generally greater expectations regarding product quality called for a further revision of VDA 6 Part 3 (first published 1998), in order to be able to keep up with the increasingly globalized production and development that we have been witnessing in the 21st century.

The revised version of VDA 6.3 features several new aspects to meet precisely these challenges. Amongst other things, they include potential analysis, project management, a new “*-Question” question class (identification of extraordinary product and/or process risks) as well as a simplified/reduced ranking method (A, B, C) for evaluations.

We are very much aware that process audits are a primary component of successful quality management, and how important it is that changes and innovations in this area are implemented as fast as possible. That is why as soon as the new version of VDA 6.3 was published, we immediately began work on inserting it into our existing software family – primarily QAM.Net. We are proud to say that the revised version of VDA 6.3 has now been seamlessly implemented. QAM.Net now therefore allows you to apply the most sophisticated and cutting-edge quality standards that the market has to offer in your day-to-day work.

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